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Mr. Matt Good
Guitarist of From First to Last
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3rd-Nov-2006 03:19 pm - Matt actually responed!
kaizers orchestra
Matty actually answered one of my messages on myspace!!! That so made my day!! Here's the screencap:
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1st-Nov-2006 10:54 pm(no subject)
hey guys

i had tickets to the halloween atreyu/fftl/chiodos/every time i die show in toronto.  my reasons for going was mainly fftl and chiodos.  i was so bummed when fftl was no longer playing.  i still went to see chiodos who put on the best show of the night by far.  atreyu was alright.  and if any of you don't know, matthew good is also the name of a canadian artist and he is absolutely incredible.  besides the point ..so to lighten everyones moods heres some matt good pictures and a cute group picture. enjoy!

Alright so i've met Matt Good twice before, once last march on BC&UD and then just a couple days ago, the day they got kicked off the tour...He was soooooooo nice and we hung outside with him and derek and ricky for about fifteen minutes. Also, i asked him for a hug and he was like "of course!" and he kind of jumped on me and kicked his leg up and it was basically the most adorable thing...i'm in love.

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29th-Oct-2006 06:18 pm - getting kicked off tour
dir en grey foocha kyo kaoru
I've never been kicked off a tour before. I'll admit, we've been in some shitty situations on tour before but we've always found a way to make it work and roll with the punches, but then again I've never fought a psychopath kickboxer named Alex (Lead vocalist of Atreyu) Yes, we got kicked off tour. No, we didn't deserve it. And, no... I don't feel like having a pity party over it, I'm not a "woe is me" kind of person. But, when someone purposely wrongs me and people I care about with malicious intent, thats just bullshit. If you would like to know in full detail what happened I suggest reading Ricky Terror's blog .( http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=32236&blogID=185347373&MyToken=9d6ed178-5f34-43ad-9dea-605617b7d284) It explains in full detail all the important, and not important, details of everything that happened if you're curious about the truth.

-from Matt's blog
29th-Oct-2006 10:14 am - piccies!
lotsa pics of Matty!
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28th-Oct-2006 07:47 pm - Hello, all!
kaizers orchestra
I just started this community today, so forgive the lack of things! I hope to get it going soon...Matt needs some love, too!!
Anyways, feel free to join! (Please?)
Also, if anybody could make a cool layout for this I would be eternally grateful...
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